H 360

There has been so much buzz about Wholefoods, Superfoods these days. Walking across a book store the other day I found famous  British chefs all bringing out recipes on Superfoods. I have a feeling that over the years to come with the growing population, shortage of food and the recent trend on healthy lifestyle people are drawing themselves to superfoods.

Chia seeds, Flaxseeds, Quinoa, Spirulina even to that matter Coconut sugar has been revolutionising the food industry. Having being a frequent shopper in the best supermarket WHOLEFFOODS, I have over the years see more and more people drawing their attention to the superfoods section of store. From Raw Chocolates to Raw Veggie Juices the message is clear we need to ‘Eat Clean, Live Clean’ and don’t forget no reward come without hard work, so Exercise.

Having come from a place where Rice is a staple food and curry is a must even for breakfast to incorporate superfoods in my diet was hard. As it is rightly said every journey begins with a small step I have created a few recipes which are easy, quick and loaded with nutrition for you and your families health.

H 360, stands for Health and 360 for that EAT WELL plate. So, lift that depression, slow down ageing and boost your physical ability with H 360.