GC’s Food Lab

Imagine an Indian Curry with no Garlic or Chili. Think how would these two main ingredients fit in an English dish of Fish n Chips and Steaks. This bought me to the creation of Mr. Garlic Chili.

Chili and Garlic is the DNA in all of my food. Though I personally don’t  like spicy food, I like to add some extra cloves of Garlic in most of my cooking… ;)….. Garlic when fried along with other condiments just fills the house with is pleasant strong aroma that would definitely draw all hungry bellies to the Kitchen.

Mr. Garlic Chili is all about food, food and more food…. you will find most of my tried and tested recipes from around the world along with some local delicacies from Mangalore which I stole from my Grand Mother and her children 🙂

I hope you enjoy my recipes and I look forward to hearing your experiences and experiments with food.