Hailing from the coastal part of India, Mangalore is famous for its temples, beaches and Sea food. Prawns, Squid, Clams, Pomfret, King Fish etc are my favorites. Since I moved to London, UK I have been missing my mothers cooking and thought this would be a best way to get both the worlds together.

Cooking has been my passion since my early days. I remember where my mom used to make me peel onions and prawns at a very young age and I must say am an expert in this now.Even thou my eyes still water when I cut onions 🙂

Apart from cooking I take interest in badminton, swimming, singing and travelling. I have to say that my recent Europe trip was worth every Euro and trying the local dishes from Paella in Spain to Goulash in Hungary was mouth watering. My travel to all these countries has inspired me to put my passion in cooking to practice.

In this blog I have not only put together delicacies from Mangalore but also created recipes suitable for Young n Old, Bachelors to Married Couples, from far east of China to the West of America.

I dedicate this blog to my rock my Family, my foodie friends and KJ, who is my guinea pig to try and test my experiments with food. So hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy cooking them.